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Small Business Payroll Services

Payroll can be a difficult aspect of your business to keep on top of, especially if your business is starting to grow. You may think you can handle it in the beginning, but as your enterprise gets bigger, typically so does the amount of employees. I can handle a wide range of accountancy services, one of which includes payroll.

With many years experience, I have been serving small businesses around the Wednesbury area and the wider West Midlands, providing expert accountancy services.

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Accurately Pay Your Employees

I understand that as your employee numbers grow, so does your obligation to ensure that payroll is done accurately, and there can be a lot to think about. My services are here to provide you with some relief. With many years of accountancy experience, I am all up to date with the latest regulations surrounding payroll. I can help you manage:

Writing Out An Invoice

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is tailored to the needs of your business. I can oversee your payroll processes, such as calculating, deadlines, costs and more. Plus, coupled with bookkeeping, I can accurately determine what you can and cannot be paying your employees. As well as this, I can also give you information and advice regarding employing new people.


I can either assist or manage every aspect of your payroll. I will ensure that all of your employees as well as you are being paid accurately and on time. This can free up time for other focuses as well as ensures accuracy.

This is actually up to you. As long as you are doing this within the current legislation and laws, you can run payroll monthly, biweekly, and even weekly if that is necessary. Monthly is suggested as this is the most common practice, however if you decide that biweekly is better for your employees, I can offer assistance for this.

There are many resources that can help you with your own payroll. However, as your business gets bigger, this responsibility can become time-consuming and confusing. My services are here to remove the responsibility from you.

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