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When Do You Need The Advice Of An Accountant?

Reviewing Last Years Accounts

There’s many good reasons to hire an accountant. Sometimes, you just need a bit of professional advice to help you start or grow a small business. Here’s a few reasons you might want to consult with me for some impartial business advice.

Financial Planning

When it comes to running a small business, there are many financial concerns. Not only do you need to know where money is being spent, you also need to know who owes you money. Both of these need to be kept on top of to be able to plan responsibly. An accountant can help you to get the full picture of what’s going on with your finances and ensure you’re in the know before making any business decisions.

Legal Advice & Government Dealings

While accountants are not legal professionals, we can offer advice when it comes to things like liability and debt. We can also help you decide whether you should be a sole trader or limited company, partnership or corporation, and give you advice pertaining to these. If you’re trading abroad, we can also help you with some of the legal factors you’ll need to comply with.

Small businesses have many reasons to interact with the government. It’s important that you seek advice for this, as it will save you time and prevent you from doing anything incorrectly. These dealings may include legal documents, tax documents, company records, stock recording, transfer of ownership and even things like tax codes and payroll.

Applying For Loans

If you need to apply for a business loan, consult with an accountant first. They can help you to improve your chances of securing a loan, and having an accountant backing you shows that you’re serious with your business intent. They can put together figures to ensure your case looks strong and can help you decide on the best loan for your needs.

Come To PK Services For Accountant-Backed Advice

I am a professional accountant with over thirty years of experience. I can help you make informed business decisions and offer impartial advice to help you succeed.


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